Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Two Blogs

I know, crazy right? So all of a sudden there are no blog posts, no information.....I know.....you're probably confused!!! Don't worry, the blog posts didn't go away. I just separated my two lives. I now have two separate blogs. This one is going to be specifically for family posts, Marine Corps posts and anything having to do with our lives. It will also include all of my school information for the kids (foreign languages, dance, art, anything homeschool related etc). Printables for kids, school charts, curriculum that I like. It will also have pictures of our interactions with dolphins, sea turtles, whales etc and all the cool stuff from Hawaii!!! It's going to be awesome!!! It's also going to be completely and totally drama free!!!

Here's the link to the other blog: New Blog

The other one (it's on my profile) will be specific to anything Russian:

1--Russian Adoption (A hot topic right now)
2--Russian Food (recipes will go on both blogs)
3--Russian Toys (got some awesome toys and dolls from Russia for the kids with FREE shipping and only       took 2 weeks to get here).
4--Russian Dolls (the kind that talk in Russian, and now they have them where they talk in Russian AND English)
5--Russian Language Learning Software (for kids AND adults) (I prefer Little Pim or Dino Lingo for kids, and Transparent Language for Adults). (HOWEVER, both of the kids programs are for young kids, as they get older I'll be switching to something else appropriate).
6--Russian Books

And more!!!!!

So don't worry, if you're looking for information on Russian adoptions it still exists, just on the other blog.

And this one is going private in oh (about 1 week). I'm taking it private and anyone interested in our lives, the heartache of separations due to deployments, how our kids are doing, photos of our kids etc, comment on here with your email address (don't worry, I won't publish it) and I'll add you to the reader list.

I'll be posting a bunch of neat recipes that I found out about during our local New Years Party for Children (complete with Ded Moroz, Snegurochka and more). I have a TON of pictures from the party, pictures of the kids (that I haven't been posting for privacy reasons), pictures from our visit with the Senior Consul from the local Russian Consulate in San Francisco (he comes to each state to help local Russian American families with anything they might need to do with the Russian Consulate (passports, registration, paperwork to be notarized etc). It was nice!!!

I've gotten involved in the local Russian community and I'm going to try to video tape some of our cooking class (informal, a friend is going to teach me). This way I can post the recipes and the instructions along with a video in English that's authentic!!!

I'm also going to post some really neat links that I've found!!!! I have some great people that I've found in Russia who helped me plan for Christmas and New  Years and the things I found were GREAT!!!! And the shipping was free and only took about 2 weeks!!!!

More later!!! I'm off to Facebook chat with my husband who is deployed!!

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  1. I completely understand why you are separating the blogs! I love your writing style though and would love to continue to follow along. I hope you enjoyed your chat with your hubby and that you are reunited soon.