Monday, January 14, 2013

Post Placement #3!!!!

It's that time of year again!!!! Time for Post Placement Report #3!!!! We've been so busy that time just seemed to slip away!!!! I can't believe she's been home for almost 2 years now!!!! So we've found a great social worker here on the island (well, not quite.....they're on another island, but they'll fly here and it's still part of Hawaii). A bit more expensive, but well worth it as they're supposedly the best and work with lots of military families.

We've also hit other major milestones this month. We've officially finished our first month of the deployment. 1 months down, many more to go. Miss K has also finally outgrown her 4T clothing (YAY!!!) and is officially in 5T and is also going up a shoe size (11.5's) (kind of, more like a half shoe size, but hey.....that's what half sizes are for). Miss A has gone from 5T up to size 6/6x and has also gone up a shoe size as well (12) as a leotard size in ballet (6/7's), and needed the next size up of ballet slippers as well. Mr. M is very quickly outgrowing his 2T clothing and will be in 3T shortly (already wears a lot of 3T's but a few 2T's also). At the rate he's going he'll be out of his 2T's by the end of February. He's also gone up a shoe size from size 6 Toddler to size 7's. (At the rate he's going I picked up 8's as well).

In Mommy news, I'm officially back to healthy eating now that my husband is deployed (yes, he has a thing for some unhealthy food). Thankfully he's had a wake up call while deployed and has started cutting out a lot of the unhealthy foods he was eating (and drinking including sodas). Mommy is now completely off caffeine other than a hot cup of tea once in a while (very low caffeine) and I'm no longer doing any processed foods for the most part. Lots of fruits and vegetables, whole wheat everything, AND I've joined a Ballet/Workout Class. It's WONDERFUL!!!! After the 1st night I came home and my pants that I had worn just a few days earlier that were comfortable and fit perfectly are now loose and falling off and have an extra 2 inches in the waist!!!! Now I just have to work to get back down to the pants that I fit 2 - 3 months ago, and I'll be happy!!! I'm also using a Fluidity Barre at home and Fluidity workouts twice a week plus practicing the ballet workouts that I've learned. We do a TON of sweating as the building we're in is close to the ocean, mostly open air, and non air conditioned. It's perfect. We work like crazy for an hour working out, sweating, learning new routines etc. I love it, though I'm playing catch up and having to learn from scratch what most of these women have been doing since they were kids. But it's totally worth it.

I'm loving the healthy eating. I'm experimenting with a lot of recipes including curry, saffron and some Morrocan seasonings as well!!! I'll post the recipes that I like once I've had a chance to test them. I'm also learning to cook more Russian food as all 3 of my kids love anything Russian including the food!!!

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