Sunday, January 20, 2013

Russian Ballerina Dolls and Sock Dolls

So I have an absolute FAVORITE shop on Etsy!!!! She's an amazing woman from Russia!!! And every time I've asked her about something I've seen and could she make it, and just make a Russian version of it, she comes up with something amazing!!!! So I'm going to post some links and pictures to the ones she has posted that I absolutely love.

She has the new Russian Ballerina Dolls posted for sale finally!!!! And if you ask her for a specific color or design her answer is typically always yes!!! And she gets them done SO quickly!!!! I love the high qualify, the uniqueness and the Russian design!!! This isn't your typical American store bought doll!!! I just can't do that for my girls anymore!!! No more store bought dolls, we haven't done that for them EVER and I'm not about to start now!!! I want better for my girls and they're inexpensive as well!!!

So here's the first one. It's a Sock doll that's about seven and a half inches tall!!! She has them in a lot of colors!!! This light aquamarine one is one of my favorites as is the purple one she makes as the pink and white one. At about $12 each including free shipping, it's a real bargain!!! And absolutely adorable as well!!

I'll post each photo with the link below it!!!

While you're checking out her store, check out the adorable monkeys, kittens, and the adorable yellow puppy dog!!!!

My next favorite is this Blue Russian Ballerina dressed as the Snow Princess (Snegurochka)!!

(I'm getting two of these - matching ones for the girls for their Birthday)!!!

Here's another Russian Princess in Pink!!! (Also getting this one eventually)

I think this is absolutely perfect for Valentine's Day, and what little girl wouldn't want her very own Russian Princess in Pink to hang above her bed!!!

Now, every little girls dreams of being a Ballerina don't they? So this is one I specifically requested for a couple friends as well as for my girls!!! She did it in pink and in green and I'll post pictures of both!!!

The green one also hangs from a round decorated hanger, it just isn't shown in the picture!!! You can request multiple different colors, whatever your daughter, niece, granddaughter's favorite color is and she'll go find the right colored materials in the local store and make one just for your little Ballerina!!

And here is another picture of the sock dolls!!! The white one with purple decorations is my favorite by far!!! You can either purchase the doll itself on her other Etsy site, or you can order the PDF video demonstration and learn how to make them yourself!!!

They're just SO adorable aren't they!!!! 

I just had to share these!!! They are some of my favorites!!! I'm also going to ask her if she knows of anyone who makes Matryoshka's and if they'd be willing to list them at a decent price on Etsy!! I know so many of them are so expensive!!! I'd love to find an inexpensive outlet where we can get actual Russian Matryoshka's!!!!

With all of the Russian dolls that she makes, she includes free shipping and it actually comes very quickly!!! I'd order at least a couple weeks before you'll need it just to make sure it arrives in time for Birthday etc!!!

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