Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Russian Dolls And Where To Get Them

So I have a new favorite store on Etsy. It's by a woman in Russia and her husband!! She's absolutely wonderful!!! Backstory: A friend sent me the link to her store, she was thinking of ordering a Snow Princess doll from this woman!! Had made, hand knitted, and absolutely adorable!!! As soon as I saw it I knew my daughters were absolutely love it, but there was only one and my friend was ordering it!! So I emailed the seller asking if she could make two more matching Snow Princess dolls!! She responded that evening and told me she would love to make two more dolls and they'd be ready within a week. Within three days they were ready (much earlier than anticipated) and I happily purchased them!!! Included in the package were 2 small Russian books including one that told the story of the Snow Princess and Ded Moroz, 2 small hand knitted snow men to go with the dolls that could be hung on the Christmas Tree and a hand knitted Ded Moroz as well (5 dolls and 2 books when I paid for 2 dolls)!!! Talk about a wonderful Christmas!!! Shipping was included absolutely free and I'm sure she figures that into the cost of the dolls!!! The dolls arrived within two weeks and I had a tracking number from her and could track them from Russia to the US.

So I'm including a link to her Etsy store as well as pictures of the Snow Princess Doll that I purchased for my two girls as well as another Gyspy Doll that caught my eye. She has SO many neat things that are available that she can make (if you need more than one for twins or triplets just ask, I'm sure she'll be more than happy to make them for you). But the REALLY wonderful thing is, if you want to learn how to make some of the things in her store, for a few dollars she will email you the video and a power point along with English language directions on how to make some of the dolls, angels, sock dolls and more that are listed on her site!!! And if you have any questions she'll email you right back to help you out!!! She's a wonderful woman and I've enjoyed ordering from her!!! She has also gone out of her way to pick up the Russian books for my girls and to help out our adopted daughter with books in Russian that she can take to her Russian class!!

This is the picture of the Snow Princess Doll that I've linked to above. 

And this is the Gypsy Doll that I'm going to be getting for the girls for their Birthdays this spring!!! 
It's hand sewn out of cloth, so not knitted!!! How neat!!! 

The items I link to and show on my blog I've either ordered or have experience with the person I'm ordering from. I won't order anything that I haven't personally tried and absolutely LOVE!!!

Check out her Etsy Store, there are SO many neat and nifty things that she has listed, all of them from Russia. She sent ours in really nice draw string red Russian bags (gorgeous, the girls love them)!! You won't find ANYTHING like this in the US and it's MUCH better quality to!!! And it's made with love from a Russian woman who loves kids, especially adopted children from Russia!!! Enjoy!!!

One last link to a sock doll pattern that she has on her Etsy Site!!! I can't wait to make these!!! These are made out of cute little toddler socks with little designs on them!!!

This one specifically was my favorite (I have a thing for everything purple)!! 
However, she has 3 or 4 other designs and colors on there and she'll send you the PDF and Powerpoint plus video with English Language Directions on how to make these. Also if you ask her I'm sure she'd be willing to make them for you and list them specifically for you if you want them to be made out of cute Russian socks (admittedly I haven't seen a ton of soft cute socks that would make something like this in the US). Or you could always ask her to send you all the materials you would need in a package with the directions!!

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