Wednesday, April 24, 2013

More Adds

Have added everyone up through today.

Naomi, I sent your invite and you accepted it about a month ago.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Private Blog - New Readers Added

Okay, Everyone who requested via comment to be added to my other private blog regarding Russian adoption updates has been added and sent an email request. It will be from Blogger or Blogspot. You'll have to log in to read but you can still read anonymously.

I posted a nice long update the other day with private information and I'm going to be posting another one tonight with information that is not being shared publicly by anyone. I'm also posting regarding the people who have been blogging over at the Adoption Spotlight blog on Wordpress. I finally have specific information on who is blogging it and where they are located and I'll be sharing that tonight (no it's not me, though based on the threats they've received a lot of people must think it's me. That's why I now know who is blogging on that one, the threats were bad enough they reached out to someone in DC to find me so they could pass on screen shots of the threats and IP addresses and anything I needed to lodge a formal complaint with the police. They have also now filed a report with AT&T who is the provider for the person makes most of the threats and AT&T has made a formal police complaint which is now being investigated. I truly do appreciate them taking the time to reach out to me and let me know what was going on. That's what really got me back on the computer and blogging again).

If you did not receive an invite to read the blog please comment on here with your email address. I had a number of comments requesting access to it with no email address. I added the 40 or so people who left me email addresses and other than that there's nothing I can do. If I don't have an email address for you, I can't add you. If you think you left an email address but didn't receive a request, please leave another comment with your email address just in case and I'll re-send it tomorrow.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Adding Readers to Private Blog

I've been offline for a few months. I'm going to be adding additional readers to my private blog later on today when I get a chance. I have all the email addresses, you all should receive an email invite within the next 24 - 48 hours from blogger/blogspot stating that you've been added to the blog and invited to read it. It will also you to create a login I believe (not sure). If you haven't received an email invite in the next 48 hours, go ahead and comment on here and let me know and I'll re-send it. Everyone that is requesting to be added is being added. I'm not leaving anyone out who has requested it. So don't feel like you're being ignored or left out. Everyone who has requested to be added will be added in the next 24 - 48 hours.

Fair warning, any nasty comments, use of foul language etc will mean an automatic removal from the authorized list. Also - any trolls will also be removed immediately to ensure a safe a positive environment for the families who need the information that I have.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

New Post on Private Blog

There is a new post on my private blog RE Russian Adoption. Only authorized users have access to that blog. If you would like to be added please comment on here with your email address. Trolls will be deleted immediately.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Personal Blog - Russian Blog Has Gone Private

Just a note for my readers. If you're looking for information on Russian adoptions it's on my other blog and it's been secured. If you'd like access please leave a comment with your email address and I'll add you to the list. This blog is my personal blog with information on Russian language software for adults and kids, Russian recipes, Russian dolls and other neat things that interest me. (Including all sorts of interesting stuff from Hawaii where I currently live).

Comments on this blog are now moderated and I won't publish any comment that use profanity, or any comments with personal information like an email address.

FYI - I have an extra set of Little Pim Chinese language learning software (3 DVD Set). I won't be using it so if anyone's interested let me know and I'll ship it off to you. I'm also toying with the idea of doing a giveaway to benefit a Marine Corps Wounded Warriors Group. I just have to do the research on how to do it. I'd prefer not to be handling any of the money and have it donated directly do the group itself (or any wounded warrior group since there are groups in each state). What I may do is having people donate directly and then have that group confirm the donation by that person with the persons email address (but only with that persons permission) and they would then be entered in the giveaway.

I'm going to be doing more giveaways in the future to benefit the Wounded Warriors. Things including a Hawaiian Dress, gift certificates and more!! So check back shortly for more information. I just have to figure out how to do it. I may just put a link to the group so that you can click on the link and donate and then email me the confirmation email when you receive it showing that you donated. Once I figure out how to do it so that the money goes directly to the Wounded Warriors then I'll start hosting giveaways.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Russian Ballerina Dolls and Sock Dolls

So I have an absolute FAVORITE shop on Etsy!!!! She's an amazing woman from Russia!!! And every time I've asked her about something I've seen and could she make it, and just make a Russian version of it, she comes up with something amazing!!!! So I'm going to post some links and pictures to the ones she has posted that I absolutely love.

She has the new Russian Ballerina Dolls posted for sale finally!!!! And if you ask her for a specific color or design her answer is typically always yes!!! And she gets them done SO quickly!!!! I love the high qualify, the uniqueness and the Russian design!!! This isn't your typical American store bought doll!!! I just can't do that for my girls anymore!!! No more store bought dolls, we haven't done that for them EVER and I'm not about to start now!!! I want better for my girls and they're inexpensive as well!!!

So here's the first one. It's a Sock doll that's about seven and a half inches tall!!! She has them in a lot of colors!!! This light aquamarine one is one of my favorites as is the purple one she makes as the pink and white one. At about $12 each including free shipping, it's a real bargain!!! And absolutely adorable as well!!

I'll post each photo with the link below it!!!

While you're checking out her store, check out the adorable monkeys, kittens, and the adorable yellow puppy dog!!!!

My next favorite is this Blue Russian Ballerina dressed as the Snow Princess (Snegurochka)!!

(I'm getting two of these - matching ones for the girls for their Birthday)!!!

Here's another Russian Princess in Pink!!! (Also getting this one eventually)

I think this is absolutely perfect for Valentine's Day, and what little girl wouldn't want her very own Russian Princess in Pink to hang above her bed!!!

Now, every little girls dreams of being a Ballerina don't they? So this is one I specifically requested for a couple friends as well as for my girls!!! She did it in pink and in green and I'll post pictures of both!!!

The green one also hangs from a round decorated hanger, it just isn't shown in the picture!!! You can request multiple different colors, whatever your daughter, niece, granddaughter's favorite color is and she'll go find the right colored materials in the local store and make one just for your little Ballerina!!

And here is another picture of the sock dolls!!! The white one with purple decorations is my favorite by far!!! You can either purchase the doll itself on her other Etsy site, or you can order the PDF video demonstration and learn how to make them yourself!!!

They're just SO adorable aren't they!!!! 

I just had to share these!!! They are some of my favorites!!! I'm also going to ask her if she knows of anyone who makes Matryoshka's and if they'd be willing to list them at a decent price on Etsy!! I know so many of them are so expensive!!! I'd love to find an inexpensive outlet where we can get actual Russian Matryoshka's!!!!

With all of the Russian dolls that she makes, she includes free shipping and it actually comes very quickly!!! I'd order at least a couple weeks before you'll need it just to make sure it arrives in time for Birthday etc!!!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Classes with Dolphins

One of the biggest activities I was looking forward to when we moved to Hawaii was interacting with dolphins!!! Oh my gosh, hands down one of the best experiences of my life!!!! The kids rotated through 4 - 5 on land classes (meaning not down by the lagoon where the dolphins were). They learned about mammals and reptiles, stingrays, whales, dolphins, fish, sea turtles and more!!! They learned about sea turtle eggs and were able to observe 2 sea turtles as well as observing 2 sting rays being fed!!! Then we moved down to the lagoon and the kids were able to feed the dolphins, interact with them and learn more about this amazing animals!!!! Of course my kids are braver than I am. SO glad it was my kids handling the fresh squid for the dolphins and not me. I'm okay with fresh fish, but I draw the line at squid. I love the things as long as they are in the ocean and VERY far away from me. Squeamish any?!?!

Here are a few photos from our day today. None of the kids (to protect their privacy) but a few of the dolphins that we worked with!!!

Enjoy the photos!!!! Now that we've done the classes I can't wait to go swimming with dolphins when hubby gets back from deployment!!!