Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Lock Down On Base

So we're back on lock down this morning!!! I'm just thankful that we didn't have anything big scheduled for today. I have no clue how they're getting kids to and from the schools. Thankfully we can do some catch up work at home and the kids off base classes don't start until next Tuesday!!!

Yes, President Obama is back!!! Now that the bill has passed, he's returned to finish his vacation with his family!!! I kind of feel bad, he left and it had been gorgeous golfing weather and he returns to overcast grey skies and rain. I guess that explains why he isn't golfing and is working out at the gym instead!!

My house is an absolute disaster so I guess lock down is a perfect excuse to stay inside and clean and do lots of rainy day activities with the kids!!! I took the Christmas Tree down last night. The Christmas Tree people are supposed to come around today and pick them up. Of course, my husband had the bright idea of sticking pieces of wood into the stand as supports for the tree. It worked beautifully, only down side? Now the tree and the wood won't come out of the stand. So it's out by the road stand and all and I'm hoping they pick it up. If they don't I guess I'll be tracking someone down to help me get it out of the stand and taking it off base to one of the official tree dump sites. Oh well. Of course the wood hubby chose swelled up due to the water in the stand and is completely stuck. Yesterday was a horrible day. Oh well. Hopefully today will be better. I'm not enjoying this wet weather. I think honestly I'd prefer the snow (as much as I hate driving in it). Supposedly it's just this side of the island where it rains constantly all winter long. I can't wait for spring to get here!! I'm totally over this whole "warm, rainy, overcast winter." I appreciate the warmer weather, but not the rain. Rain is just dreary. At least snow is pretty (for the most party) even if it is colder.

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